Gina Campbell

Gina Campbell QSO is the daughter of Donald Campbell CBE and grand-daughter of Sir Malcolm Campbell. So is the thrill of record breaking in her blood? Yes, of course…

A Campbell Record Breaker

The British racing Campbells have achieved over 30 Land and Water Speed Records since the Bluebird legend began. No other sporting family has matched the racing Campbell family’s success in their chosen field.

A Women’s World Water Speed record holder herself, Gina has lived up to the expectations of the Campbell dynasty and triumphed through adversities. She had but a short time with her adored father before his untimely demise in 1967. At just seventeen, Gina was catapulted into the media frenzy which followed Donald Campbell’s fatal crash on Coniston Water in the English Lake District.

An only child, distanced from her natural mother and moved between ten boarding schools, Gina’s childhood was often lonely, traumatic and isolating.  She has dedicated her adult years to keeping the memory of her legendary father and grandfather alive, and has perhaps only survived thanks to inheriting the Campbell competitive spirit.

As a Campbell through-and-through, Gina has spent a life reaching for sporting and personal goals. This website tells her story…



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