The Campbell Cousins

Don Wales

Born 23 September 1960

Gina’s cousin Donald, the grandson of Sir Malcolm Campbell, broke his first record at Elvington Airfield, Yorkshire with the Bluebird Electric in May 1998 – breaking the UK National Record for an electric car, at 116mph. With a new car, the record was increased to first 128mph and then 137mph on Pendine Sands, Wales in August 2000.

In 2007 Don (pictured above) was invited to be part of the British Steam Car World Record attempt team. Two year later, on Edwards Airforce Base, California he broke his first World Record with a speed of 148mph. In May 2010, he was back on Pendine Sands, Wales and broke the World Record for driving a lawn mower with a speed of 87mph.

In 2013, he will be attempting a World Speed Record at Bonneville Salt Flats, USA with a new Bluebird Electric capable of speeds in excess of 400mph. You can keep up with Don’s record attempts here.

Joseph Wales

Born 21 December 1991

Gina’s second cousin Joe (twin brother of Charlotte) and son of Don Wales, is currently studying Business at Bournemouth University.

Joe reveals that he has “also inherited the ‘speed’ gene” and has been racing on the Katt Track and working as a part time track marshall at Daytona in Sandown for nearly three years.

To qualify for his licence, Joe went to Thruxton race circuit for a track day and drove a Porsche Cayman and a single seater. He was given a specific track session with good friend and race driving instructor, Lee Cunningham, who is also an ARDS instructor.

Joe wanted to be reserve driver for the Lawn Mower speed record attempt that Don broke in 2010, but dad said ‘No’ and promised him a drive in the next electric car attempt.


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