Replica K7 shocks Coniston crowd

December 5, 2011 Uncategorized Leave a comment

Gina headed back to Coniston for the Coniston Power Boats Records Week in October. “It was also the annual dinner of the famous K7 Club, with many familiar faces from the old days there. It was shocking to see a ghostly shape in the form of K7 on the water… no, it wasn’t a mirage, but was a replica boat made by Helical as a tribute to my father.

As it was all a complete surprise, and as I didn’t know anything about the look-alike K7 until it turned up, I wasn’t in the mood to be receptive. However, when the replica was swamped once put on the water, it was impossible to stay at arm’s length from the newcomer. (Image courtesy of View Finder Pictures.)

It seems that Charles Morris, whose team instigated the replica, was full of good intent and had not meant to upset my family by unveiling his look-alike craft. In fact, he had built the boat as a tribute to my father, who is hero-worshipped by Charles’ three sons. So I took the opportunity to find out more of Charles’ plans. Hopefully, the Morris family may now join with me in supporting some of the projects planned for The Campbell Wing of The Ruskin Museum. “

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